Witnesses sought in serious collision between bicyclist and vehicle

Sunnyvale public safety officials are asking anyone who witnessed a collision Tuesday between a vehicle and a bicyclist to provide information about the collision.

Officers are trying to determine who was at fault in the collision, which occurred around 6:15 p.m. at East Evelyn Avenue and South Frances Street near a Caltrain station.

The driver of the vehicle stopped and cooperated with police. The driver claimed that the light was green in their direction.

Public safety officers have not been able to talk to the bicyclist who suffered loss of consciousness, multiple scull fractures and internal bleeding, public safety spokesman Capt. Shawn Ahearn said.

She is still in the hospital. "That's why we're hoping someone saw something," Ahearn said.

Neither alcohol nor drugs played a part in the collision, according to Ahearn.

The bicyclist was not wearing a helmet. Ahearn said it's likely someone saw something because the collision occurred in the evening near the train station.