Woman fakes passenger for carpool lane

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Desperate times call for desperate measures. One New York woman was willing to do whatever it took to avoid traffic, including faking her way into the HOV lane.

Candace Breen-Warren, 61, was pulled over by Highway Patrol Officer Andrew Spina, of the Suffolk County Police Department in New York, for having “piled clothing, topped by a baseball hat, and a briefcase in the passenger seat in an attempt to resemble a person,” according to the Suffolk County Police Department.

Breen- Warren was driving in the HOV lane on the Long Island Expressway which is designated for vehicles with more than one rider, which she had attempted to surpass by driving with a ‘dummy’ in her car. 

She was ticketed for driving in the HOV lane without another passenger, and also for driving with and unregistered and un-inspected car.

According to the Suffolk Country Police Department, there have been at least three other instances of people driving in the HOV lanes with dummy’s in the last few years.