Woman in Vallejo case tells police she wasn’t being kidnapped

Vallejo police have hit a wall, investigating the apparent assault and kidnapping of a young woman. And it's the woman herself who has flipped the script. 

Sunday evening, witnesses saw her, hysterical as she was beaten and driven away in a car.

Now she says she is fine and not a crime victim. 

"With things like this, we don't want to take any chances," said Vallejo Police Dept. spokesperson Brittany Jackson, explaining how the department put out multiple alerts Sunday evening, searching for the individuals involved. 

"We do have witnesses, so that part of it will be an ongoing investigative matter," said Jackson. 

Police received calls from numerous witnesses at about 5:40 p.m. near the intersection of Rotary Way and Cadloni Lane.

Callers said they saw a young woman jump from a car and run toward an apartment building rental office. 

She was screaming "help me, help me, don't let him take me." 
The young man who was driving leapt from the car and chased her down.

Witnesses said he grabbed her by the hair, punched her several times and pushed her back into the Infiniti sedan, before driving away. 

One concerned citizen snapped a picture of the vehicle, and police publicized it. 

Detectives worked into the wee hours trying to track the couple. 
But the twist came when the alleged victim showed up at the police station Monday afternoon.  

"The woman in this case was able to come to the department and identify herself and confirm that she is safe and sound," said Jackson, "and we do not have any suspect information at this time." 

The woman was unwilling to identify the male driver, or describe the nature of their relationship.

"She denied being part of any crime, and that's the information she left with us," said Jackson. 

Police don't indicate if they are still pursuing the car, or trying to question the young man.

In addition to the very public assault, he also led police on a high-speed chase. 

After taking off with the battered woman, the suspect was spotted by a patrol officer at Redwood Street and North Camino Alto in Vallejo.

The officer made a u-turn and pursued the Infiniti but it sped onto west-bound Interstate 80 and got away. 

As for whether fleeing is a chargeable offense? 

"It will be up to our detective division to investigate that further," said Jackson. 

And with an uncooperative victim, the assault case becomes murky.  

"Our investigators have to have a willing participant to gather information and continue to investigate it," said Jackson. 

As police know, one hallmark of domestic violence cases, can be victims who recant or are reluctant to report. 

Often, that is due to intimidation and fear of escalating violence.