Woman miscarries, victim of suspected Sonoma Co. DUI crash

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A tragic accident in the North Bay caused a pregnant woman to lose her baby.

CHP says the other driver, who hit her head-on, was driving under the influence.

"Is mom going to make it to the funeral of her own child ?", posed CHP Officer Kim Lemons, who is investigating the accident.

"That stinks, and mom wasn't able to say goodbye to her baby, because she was in the operating room."

Her Facebook page shows smiling photos of 33 year old Elizabeth Ehrmann- Subia, posing with her husband and 2-year-old child.

Ehrmann-Subia is a Sonoma County Dept of Behavioral Health social worker.

After leaving work Monday, she was driving west on Highway 12 to pick up her toddler at her mother's house in Sebastopol.

An oncoming car veered into her lane suddenly, giving her no time to react.

"They hit, basically license plate to license plate," Ofc. Lemons told KTVU.

Both Toyotas were traveling at about 55-60 mph, and neither braked.

The impact shoved the front ends of the vehicles onto the drivers, and a passenger.

Both sedans were 2004 models, with only a single airbag in the steering column, not as protective for the lower body.  

40-year-old Tristan Taliesin, who crossed over, has broken feet,  ankles, and legs. 

"The cars were really smashed up, everything smashed forward," witness Victoria Williams told KTVU, " so his legs were definitely crushed."

Williams is a physician, who lives next door to where the collision happened.

She ran to help, staying with Taliesin since he was unconscious.

She could see Erhmann-Subia in the other car, upright and her eyes open.

Only later did she learn Erhmann-Subia had been pregnant and lost the baby in the impact.  

"That's such a shock and so unfortunate. My heart goes out to her," said Williams, "and how many of these incidents would be prevented if drugs weren't involved, if alcohol wasn't involved ?"

On his Facebook page, Taliesin describes himself as a "clean and sober father of five kids".

He has posts of pins he has earned as steps of his recovery,

But paramedics suspected Taliesin was impaired,

And at the hospital, CHP says it found meth-amphetamines in his pants. 

"He's got meth in his system, and he's got meth in his pockets," observed Ofc. Lemons.

"We also have reason to believe marijuana contributed to this, and possibly alcohol. "

Taliesin recently returned to Sonoma County from many years living in Alaska.

His employer, at a downtown Santa Rosa knife store, was shocked to learn of the meth-amphetamines allegation.

"I know nothing about that, that's terrible," Dylan Cohen, owner of Sonoma Cutlery told KTVU.

"As far as I know, he's sober, he goes to meetings with friends, and that's what I know. He's a family man, always face-timing with his kids in Alaska."

Investigating the collision, Officer Lemons can find no reason for Taliesin to have drifted out of his lane.

And in 19 years with CHP, she can't recall a crash victim suffering a loss like Elizabeth Ehrmann- Subias'.. 

"It's nice that labor and delivery treated it like a regular birth. They brought in a photographer, they dressed the baby," Ofc. Lemons said sadly. 

"Knowing and talking to the family, I think there is a sense of "we still have our daughter", and this could have been worse.

So far, a felony DUI charge is pending now against Taliesin, with other charges possible, as investigators look into any possible prior offenses. 

The passenger in his car, identified as 27 year old Ashley Kontos of Petaluma, also suffered major injuries and a dog in the rear of his car died when it was thrown against the front seats.