Woman says she was attacked by sheriff's K9 in Yuba County

 A woman in Northern California says a sheriff's department K-9 police dog attacked her on Friday.

Myra Riddle of Marysville says she was accidentally attacked by a Yuba County Sheriff's K9 during a manhunt. Riddle was standing outside with her family, near their apartment, when she saw three young men walk into the apartment building.

She suspected that "Something was wrong," so she started heading inside. That's when she says a police K9 approached, bit her stomach and, "Would not let go."

"I can see the dog stopping at side of building and looking at me and went for me…and for a second I said oh no it's gonna get me," Riddles said. "I remember hearing my wife yell get the dog off her, get the dog off her, get the dog off her."

Riddle is being treated for bruises and puncture wounds, and she plans to talk to a lawyer about a possible lawsuit.

The sheriff's department admits that a bystander was attacked by a K9 during the search for suspects in a deadly shooting. One person was eventually arrested on Saturday in Folsom.