Woman says thieves stole 180-pound Prius battery in San Francisco

A San Francisco woman said thieves removed the back seat of her Prius, stole the car's battery, and badly damaged the electrical system.

Marjory Kaplan said she now expects to pay $10,000 to fix the car and replace the battery. 

"Had I been lucky enough just to have the window broken and the change taken," said Kaplan. "I would have been very happy."

Last Thursday at 6:30 p.m., Kaplan had her 2017 Toyota Prius parked on Webster Street between California and Sacramento streets. She returned the following morning to find the inside of her car disheveled. 

"At first I looked down and the entire back seat was removed," said Kaplan. "I thought they had stolen the back seat. I couldn't open the car. The electrical system was completely shot."

She reported it to her insurance company who told her thieves likely stole her hybrid battery underneath the back seat.

"We looked it up and the battery weighs 180 pounds," said Kaplan. "We were completely amazed. I couldn't lift 180 pounds. I don't weigh 180 pounds."

Kaplan and her partner believe this was no run-of-the-mill theft. The thieves were able to remove a small rear glass window, without breaking it or cutting it. 

A camera is mounted in the exact spot where Kaplan parked her car but it was aimed in the wrong direction.

Kaplan calls what happened to her car ridiculous. She's now thinking about not having a car at all. She said what happened to her it's simply not worth it.

"People should not park on dark streets because they must know how to do it," said Kaplan. "They must have done it so quickly."