Woman who said she was calling police on 8-year-old resigns from cannabis company

A woman who said he was calling called police on an 8-year-old girl in San Francisco and who earned herself the internet nickname, “Permit Patty,” has resigned as CEO of a medical cannabis company. 

TreatWell spokeswoman Cynthia Gonzalez said Tuesday that Alison Ettel had resigned from the company. "It is Ms. Ettel's belief that TreatWell, its employees and patients should not have to suffer because of a situation that occurred in an escalated moment," Gonzalez said. She stressed that Ettel’s behavior wasn’t motivated by racism but that the decision to pretend to call police was one of poor judgment.

VIDEO: Permit Patty says she's calling police on girl selling water

At least five Bay Area companies said earlier this week that they won’t be selling Treatwell products.

Last weekend, Ettel was captured on video taken by the 8-year-old’s mother, showing her saying she was calling police because the girl was selling water without a permit. Ettel later told news outlets she didn’t really call police, she only pretended to, and that she wasn’t bothered that the girl and her mother were black, only that they were making a lot of noise while selling the water.