Women of color rally in Oakland against increased threats against them

Many women of color who serve in public office are calling attention to the threats of violence they face.

A number of Bay Area and state lawmakers took part in a rally outside Oakland City Hall on Monday to denounce the increase in violent threats and harassment. 

Participants included state Assemblywomen Aisha Wahab and Mia Bonta, and Oakland Mayor Sheng Thao and Oakland councilmembers Nikki Fortunato Bas and Carroll Fife along with activist Cat Brooks. 

In recent months, several of these politicians say they've received threats in various forms including verbally, email, text and voicemail.   

"The increase and the types of harassment and the level of harassment and our obsession with firearms in this state is, is challenging and it's scary," Fife said. 

Bas added that the reason she and others are getting attacked is because they are trying to change the status quo. 

According to a new study from the Anti-Defamation League, 42 percent of threats received by public officials are directed at women and specifically, women of color.

California has the highest number of incidents in any state in the country.