Young dancer gets prosthetic leg

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After a young dancer faces amputation, a new device helps give her a lift back onto the stage.

Gabi Shull has been dancing for years. It's this teenager's favorite hobby.

Her diagnosis when she was just nine years old was potentially devastating. Gabi had Osteosarcoma which required her to have a portion of her leg amputated.

"My main surgery was June 15th, 2011. The rotation plasty surgery, and what they did was take out my knee, which was the portion that had cancer" she said.

"Now my ankle acts as my knee, and whenever i point my ankle, it straightens the prosthetic."

Gabi is now back to walking, even dancing.

"Dancing means a lot to me. I think it's the main thing that motivated me to keep going and to learn to walk again because i just really wanted to get back on stage."

But the one thing she couldn't do was dance on pointe. That's where Keith Andrews came in.

Gabi told her prosthetist that she wanted to get a foot that allowed her to dance on pointe and he wasn't sure he could ever help her achieve that dream, but he tried.

"I wasn't sure how it was going to work, and then she immediately got up on pointe and started moving around and practicing, and i was like whoa this is going to work better than i expected it would." said Andrews

The video, showing Gabi testing out her new prosthetic went viral with millions of views in a couple days.

A simple dance, no choreography or flashy outfits - just Gabi proving there doesn't need to be flashing lights for a performance to make an impact, and there doesn't need to be two full legs for a dancer to become a star.