Young golf prodigies head to Augusta National this weekend

You might say Marcus Page was destined to be a golfer.

“I was born on Masters Sunday 2004,” says Marcus. That just happens to be the day Phil Mickelson won his first green jacket.  

“And he’s lefty,’ adds Marcus’ father Shaun Page.  “The connection there is pretty interesting.”

Marcus chimes in, “I just felt like I had a feel for the shots - creative shots, out of bunker, behind trees that's what Phil is represented for.”

Riley Yang’s passion for golf is less nature, more nurture.

“Because of my dad and my older sister, my dad really liked to play golf.  I thought it would be fun to play golf too,” says Riley

The 11-year-old prodigy is in tune with her game - and intuitive with her emotions.

“When she was little she'd get really upset about hitting a bad shot, it would affect everybody around her miserable having a bad day,” says Shane Yang, Riley’s dad.   “So one day she said I'm gonna make this smile card for you [he produces a small card].  She would get into a foul mood because she hit a bad shot I would pull this out and it worked.”

Now, it’s all smiles for these regional champs, who survived three stages of qualifying to reach the mecca of youth golf.  They compete in the PGA “drive, chip, and putt” championship at Augusta National on Sunday.