Niners' revenge: Fans revel over defeat against Philadelphia Eagles

It has been 308 days since the Eagles dashed the 49ers' Super Bowl dreams in the NFC championship game last season. 

49ers fans didn't forget. 

They packed bars all across the Bay Area in hopes of sweet, sweet revenge, and that is exactly what they got. 

From kickoff at Greens Sports Bar in San Francisco, the energy of the match-up between two of the best teams in the NFL was evident. 

"We can't stand Philly, we can't stand the people, we don't care about Rocky Balboa, we don't like Philly," said Chase Coric, a lifelong 49ers fan. 

Coric said the energy surrounding the game rivals a playoff game. 


"The Niners are back, it's our year," Coric said. "The Super Bowl is coming back to the Bay Area."

For other fans at Greens like Kelly Hale and her husband Beau Hale, this game created a divided house.

Kelly is a Bay Area native and has been a Niners fan since birth. Beau has been a Philly native and Eagles fan for as long as he can remember. 

However, the couple assured KTVU that the game would not break their bond. 

"We're married, it's not going to ruin our relationship or anything," Beau said.

On the line between the two was nothing more than some bragging rights, which Kelly now has, that is, until these two meet again.

The 49ers beat the Eagles 42-19.