49ers, Raiders 2016 season predictions

This season will be a changing of the guard for local Bay Area football fans. The Raiders, who typically are considered the red-headed stepchild, will now become big man on campus. 49ers will squander in purgatory of disappointment. Here is my breakdown of how both teams will fair.


49ers: Prediction – 5-11

Notable Info:

*According to Vegas, Cantor Technology who releases the spreads for every NFL game, the 49ers aren’t favored in any of their games.

*49ers travel the 5th most in the NFL, 25,330 mi.

Wk. 1- Rams (WIN)

Wk. 2- @ Panthers (LOSS)

Wk. 3- @ Seahawks (LOSS)

Wk. 4- Cowboys (LOSS)

Wk. 5- Cardinals (LOSS)

Wk. 6- @ Bills (WIN)

Wk. 7- Buccaneers (WIN)

Wk. 8- BYE

Wk. 9- Saints (LOSS)

Wk. 10- @ Cardinals (LOSS)

Wk. 11- Patriots (LOSS)

Wk. 12- @ Dolphins (WIN)

Wk. 13- @ Bears (LOSS)

Wk. 14- Jets (WIN)

Wk. 15- @ Falcons (LOSS)

Wk. 16- @ Rams (LOSS)

Wk. 17- Seahawks (LOSS)


Raiders: Prediction – 10-6

Notable Info:

*Travel the 2nd most in the NFL, 31,580 mi.

*Monday Night Football vs. Houston Texans will be played in Mexico City

Wk. 1- @ Saints (WIN)

Wk. 2- Falcons (WIN; Only home game in Sept.)

Wk. 3- @ Titans (WIN)

Wk. 4- @ Ravens (LOSS)

Wk. 5- Chargers (WIN)

Wk. 6– Chiefs (LOSS)

Wk. 7- Jaguars (WIN)

Wk. 8- @ Buccaneers (LOSS)

Wk. 9- Broncos (WIN)

Wk. 10- BYE

Wk. 11- Texans (WIN; Game in Mexico City)

Wk. 12- Panthers (WIN)

Wk. 13- Bills (WIN)

Wk. 14- @ Chiefs (LOSS)

Wk. 15- @ Chargers (LOSS)

Wk. 16- Colts (WIN)

Wk. 17- @ Broncos (LOSS)


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