49ers will fly 'Black Lives Matter' flag at Levi's Stadium

File photo shows a San Francisco 49ers helmet.

The San Francisco 49ers will fly a “Black Lives Matter” flag at Levi’s Stadium as the franchise continues its support of the fight against racial inequality.

The 49ers will fly the flag next to the California state flag and the United States flag. On Monday, CEO Jed York discussed the “Black Lives Matter” movement, as first reported in the Mercury News.

“"First and foremost, you're saddened and outraged when you see events take place, especially when they're specifically violent events that are targeted at African-Americans. We're focused on taking actions,” York said.

"We have to make sure we do everything we can that they have a voice, whether that's making sure they can get out to vote (and that's the best way to make your voice heard in this country), or if we can work with groups like the Players Coalition and others that can help change laws and tactics, that we might not be experts in.

"We want to work with people that are experts, so that we can make real, serious change in this country,” he added.

York continued: “The thing we do know better than the political aspect of things that need to be changed, we certainly understand education. We understand giving people equal opportunities. That's where we've done work for decades and will continue to do work.

"We want to make sure we empower everybody in our organization and out to make the most of their lives and to have what I believe is equality for all and justice for all."

The 49ers donated $1 million toward social injustice causes earlier this year, and in 2016, they matched a donation by former quarterback and social justice advocate Colin Kaepernick. York said his conversations with Kaepernick at the time helped push the 49ers to take action toward progress.

Dan Canova is a Sports Reporter for Fox News. Follow him on Twitter @DanCanova.