Agent Leigh Steinberg gets back in the game

With Super Bowl 50 almost here, celebrities are flooding into the Bay Area, including Leigh Steinberg.

He was once one of the top sports agents in the country. He even inspired the movie, Jerry Maguire.

This is a new year for him, his first time totally back in the game after he lost everything to alcohol.

Steinberg isn't flashy like the athletes he represents. But the U.C. Berkeley trained lawyer and sports agent has represented some of the biggest names in football. "Troy Aikman, Steve Young, Warren Moon," said Steinberg.

He also worked many other sports, and even TV news. "Dennis Richmond and Elaine Corral were clients," he said of KTVU's former anchors.

In the Tom Cruise-Cameron Crowe movie, ‘Jerry Maguire,’ you may remember the scene in which Cruise tells Cuba Gooding Jr., "help me, help you." That was something the agent actually said. "I agreed with Cameron to not talk about what stories showed up on the screen, but when my wife saw it she said, did you have to tell them everything," he joked.

After 2000, Steinberg's world started to crash down around him. "My father dying a long horrible death of cancer, and he was really my rock, my inspiration. We had a couple kids diagnosed with insipient blindness," he explained, adding he lost his house to mold and then got a divorce.

He later hit rock bottom. "So I turned to alcohol, which is obviously the worst thing to do,"

In 2010, Steinberg had an epiphany that sparked his recovery. "My dad had two core values. Treasure relationships, especially family, and try to make an impact in the world and help people who can't help themselves and I was failing in both of those categories."

He's been sober now since 2010 and he's back in the game. "I feel awesome. It's like being reborn and having a second chance at life."

Steinberg is ready for this spring's NFL draft with five players. "This is our first big attempt to come back, and it's been really fulfilling."

A bright future for the athletes, and a bright future for their agent.