Blaine Gabbert Should Start

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It was just one day of practice, but Blaine Gabbert appeared to be the more consistent quarterback on the field Wednesday at Kezar Stadium.

It was nothing special, but he put the ball where it was supposed to be. Receivers frequently caught the ball in stride and with room to simulate running up field after the catch. Dare I say he was reminiscent of Alex Smith?

Colin Kaepernick just didn't look as sharp. There were several times where he pushed the ball too far outside, and I saw at least one instance of a throw too high for his receiver to bring in. He did look fantastic on the move, hitting a receiver while moving to his right at least once and also showing off his explosiveness on a play where he took off running.

Looking at previous teams under Chip Kelly, the successful ones had a quarterback that made quick decisions, accurate throws, and athletic ability. Gabbert appears to have the edge on the first two items, and he is often underrated as an athlete (let's not forget he ran a 4.6 40-yard dash at the combine).

Kaepernick might offer more big-play ability and excitement... And, based off of the cheers he received when he walked out of the tunnel or completed a pass, the fans may be more interested in seeing him start... But I haven't seen enough improvement to think he should regain the starting job.

It's just one training camp practice, but it left me feeling like Blaine Gabbert is the best chance for the 49ers offense to move the ball consistently.