Draymond Green's mom: Proud and supportive mother

OAKLAND (KTVU) -- With Mother's Day 2016 and Game 3 of the Western Conference Semifinals right around the corner, we thought it might be worthwhile to examine how the mom of Golden State Warriors player Draymond Green helped her son reach this pinnacle in his career.   

During Game 2 against the Portland Trail Blazers, Mary Babers-Green received a loving tap from her son as he races onto the court wearing his #23 jersey in front of hundreds of pumped up Warriors' fans gathered inside the Oracle Arena.

"I missed it!" she said through laughter as her 26-year-old son runs to the court. She is no stranger to Warriors' fans. "Good to see you, too," she says to one fan.

Babers-Green is very proud of her son and how he has emerged as one of the NBA's most exciting and unique stars. The All Star player has an $80 million contract and is a key player in the roster of the defending NBA champions.


She is the first to tell you that her son worked hard to achieve his goal of playing in the NBA and it has been a dream of his since he was 2 years old.

"Then by the time he was 4 and he said he was going to play basketball in the NBA . . . I guess me being his mother, I just had to follow on the path that he was going on and just made sure he stayed on it."

She recalls that he faced doubters but he was always confident in his potential.

"To him it was easy, but to everyone else he was a challenge; he was his own challenge," Babers-Green said. "He didn't have the body. Physically he didn't jump high (and) he was not skinny, he was a thick boy. To them he had challenges, but not to himself."

Draymond grew up in the inner-city of Saginaw, Michigan and was once considered not tall enough and not quick enough to be a credible NBA player.  But Green battled to earn a spot in the NBA. 

Warriors General Manager Bob Myers said Green wasn't a perfect fit for many of the team's positions but they took notice of his success at Michigan State and decided to take a chance. Babers-Green said her son's internal drive, his passion for the game and his heart helped him prove to doubters that he could compete against the best.

"You know we have a saying that men that don't work don't eat so if you don't work hard you won't get it," she said. "But no one has the ability to tell you what you can do. So that's where the push came . . . and that's what he did."

Draymond's mom is now one of the Warriors' most boisterous fans and she's become a social media sensation, sending out tweets during games. Many people like to call her "Dray-Mom" and she has over 14,000 followers on Twitter. When the action on the floor heats up, so does her Twitter account.

 "There are times when I have snapped but not this year," she said through laughter. "I've been really cool this year!" 

She said her son doesn't mind her social media plays. "You know I have to or I'll be crazy," she said. "I have to release that energy so being on Twitter just helps me relax."

Babers-Green can be unfiltered at times -- she says she is calling it as she sees it. She said she taught her son from an early age to always be respectful but to always speak his mind.

When asked what some of her son's fears are, she laughs. "He's terrified of cats. I don't like to tell people that because I don't want them to play a joke on him!"

Green and his fellow teammates are pressing ahead in their quest for another championship despite critics who say without Stephen Curry, the Warriors would have a very difficult time winning another championship. 

Said Babers-Green: "Just keep watching (because) none of us know. There's a chance we might not win with Steph Curry, so the thing about it is just keep watching and the way that they play. People are trying to be them -- they are the hunted - so keep hunting - just play the game and we'll find out in June."

The proud mama says she is savoring the moment and reminding her son to do the same.

"Remember the reason why you're here because at any time it can all be taken away," she said. "So enjoy it, live in the moment and ride the wave on out."

By KTVU anchor Julie Haener.