Landslide cancels activities at Cal's Golden Bear Rec Center

Another landslide came down this week near the Golden Bear Rec Center at UC Berkeley on the Clark Kerr Campus.

Cal student Danny Panina quickly realized the thick mud was too much for his scooter to handle.

"I was going back to my dorm but I couldn’t get back because the road is closed," he said. "A little inconvenient but what are you going to do?"

The landslide cuts through the middle of the rec and youth sports area on sports lane. Many programs are held in these buildings and on these fields…

All youth sports classes were canceled Monday because of the slide. 

This included the pool, the sport courts, skate park, the softball field where this giant tree toppled over and the gym for Golden Bear gymnastics.

The slide starts at the edge of the Clark Kerr track and spills all the way down the hill to the basketball and tennis courts.