Meet the group of friends who have attended every Super Bowl game

Imagine going to every Super Bowl game ever played. Well, one group of friends has done just that. 

The self-dubbed "Super Bowl Five" is steeped in tradition. They have their own logo which they proudly wear on blazers, rings, cuff links and more. 

Harvey Rothenberg, 86, reflected on games past, including the shockingly low price of tickets at the first Super Bowl game. 

"At the beginning, it was just a lot of fun. Now it's becoming a little more serious because when we go to the game and we wear either our blazer jackets or our little heavier jacket, people come over to us, want to take pictures with us, want our autograph," Rothenberg said. "So we've become sort of celebrities, it's a lot of fun."

He said back in 1967 tickets to the game were only $11. Rothenberg and his buddies decided to catch a flight to LA to watch all the action live and the stadium wasn't nearly as packed as it is in today's time. 

"It's more than just going to a game now. You know there's a camaraderie among the five of us, now we're down to four, unfortunately," Rothenberg said. "We feel like we're brothers now. We've been together for you know 54 years."

Everyone in the group is in their 80s but they hope they will all still be able to Super Bowl 60 as a group, which will take place in 2026. 

Super Bowl LIV takes place on Feb. 2 in Miami.