Possible move by Raiders a topic at NFL owners meeting

Owners are gathered at the Ritz-Carlton for three days of meetings, addressing everything from so-called "Deflategate" to proposed stadium plans and possible franchise moves.

KTVU spoke with Raiders owner Mark Davis about rumors the team may move south. 

"We want to stay in Oakland," Davis said. He could not say whether that would happen. 

"We're trying to," Davis said. "We're working hard with the city [of Oakland] and the county [of Alameda] to get something done."

"In our city, we love it, but it's a lot of challenges to do anything out here," explained Chris Dobbins, the President of Save Oakland Sports who sits on the Coliseum's Joint Power's Authority. "I think that's some of the frustration the Raiders and A's have."

Davis confirmed that if a Coliseum City plan goes forward at the current Coliseum site, he wants the old stadium demolished before a new one is built. 

"If we're going to build on that 120 acre site, we would have to tear down one stadium to build another one in that same place," Davis said. "I don't want to build a brand new stadium and then have it be in a construction zone for next two, three, four years."

That would leave the Oakland A's looking for a temporary home, too. Some fans fear, maybe a permanent new home.

"There's plenty of land," commented Dobbins. "Why don't they build the one, and then they still share the existing one? Then they can demolish that and build the other one."

Dobbins said while others, like the Los Angeles suburb of Carson, seem to be fast tracking plans to build a stadium to lure the Oakland Raiders and San Diego Chargers away, the City of Oakland is still formulating a plan. 

"Everybody is kind of waiting for someone else to do something it seems," Dobbins remarked. "So in that sense, people get cynical."

Dobbins says he's an optimist: "Hail Mary is a stupid sports cliché," he said smiling. "But that's what we need right now!"