Super Bowl 50 off the field winners

The city of San Francisco hosted Super Bowl 50 in February, 2016 as a throng of players, fans and the media descended on the Bay Area to participate in the festivities.

In Super Bowls there are winners and losers; but more winners that you might think. Call it the luck of location or basking in the golden glitter of Super Bowl brightness.

Off the field, hotels will be big winners especially those in San Francisco where Super Bowl City, now under construction and the NFL Experience at Moscone Center will be the center of pre-game attention. "Now that people know who's playing in the Super Bowl, the people that are waiting to hear that will start booking their rooms.

So, the hotels will get even busier now and next week as people come into the City," says Kevin Carroll of the Hotel Council of San Francisco.

Airbnb did not return KTVU's request for information but, looking at its web site, not many rentals are left.

Other apparent winners: small retails near the hot venues such as Super Bowl City.

But, can they handle ten non-stop days?

"I don't know what to expected because this is the first time but restocked every thing so, hopefully we'll get the big hit," says Van Bowersmith of Les Croissants snack shop.

"We ordered like double of our stuff, like we have our stock and we keep ordering because we expect a lot of business," says Omar Idlabi of Drumm Liquors.

One Market Restaurant, in the middle of Super Bowl City is already booked to the max. "We'll be closed for 9 days for some private NFL event.  I can't describe any more than that, but it works out great," Larry Bouchard of One Market Restaurant.

While construction has ousted the artist booths across form the Ferry Building, some street vendors, such as Famous Wayne, have not been removed and expect to be in the middle of it all. "The guy in the Hyatt, David, the CEO, he came out and told me, I can stay and shine shoes here. so far," says Famous Wayne, the "Shoe Shine King."

If Super Bowl wasn't enough business, on the night before Super Bowl, a 2000 passenger cruise ship will pull into here and it won't leave until Super Bowl Sunday at 8 PM. 

Good luck getting back to your ship.

Super Bowl City opens next Saturday, 11AM to 10PM.