That Kid's Got Game: Los Altos teen with impressive freestyle soccer touch

A teenage soccer player from Los Altos who already designed his own mobile app spends free time creating engaging trick-shots focused on highlighting juggling skills, while also satisfying his draw towards video editing. And it’s all powered by a one-man show. 

Sky Ng-Thow-Hing, 16, is the brains and action behind the account “@Skyfreestylez,” where the high school junior displays a variety of content ranging from trick-shots to pure soccer freestyle and in-game footage. He’s this week’s talent on That Kid’s Got Game.

In order to create the vides he desires, Sky must be patient and fairly precise. Once the teen has engineered a scenario in his head, he strategically sets up a camera and tripod borrowed from his dad. He said learning to set up for a shot, which requires him to yield to weather and other obligations such as school, has taught him valuable time management skills. 

Sky has been playing soccer since he was four years old, but he didn’t begin to juggle consistently until about two years ago. He said his soccer skills grew noticeably once he began putting in extra time practicing outside of organized meets with the high school and club teams he plays for.  

As for the Instagram account he created, it started out as a way to document progress. Since then his motivation to create has evolved and the reactions he gets from loved ones only secures his desire to practice more. Because while we get to view Sky’s highlights, there’s a healthy amount of takes before he lands the trick. Asked how long he sticks with a shot that he’s struggling to make, Sky said, “As many times as it takes. Sometimes the sun goes down and we can’t record, but then I’ll just try the next day.” 

And his soccer-centered inspiration doesn’t end with videography, editing and actually playing ball. He created a free app called “Soccer Legend: Become The Best” that’s available for iPhone users. After taking a computer science class at Homestead High School, Sky decide to build an app on his own over Christmas break. 

“It’s not the most sophisticated app, but the name of the game is dodge incoming soccer balls coming from the sky while collecting power ups and game tokens,” Sky said.

If you’re sensing a theme, it’s probably that Sky enjoys learning and being challenged—great combo for a That Kid’s Got Game contestant. 


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