This Day in Sports History: April 29

A conflicted Arizona couple, one a fan of the Giants and the other the Diamondbacks, were in attendance with humorous signs on this April 29 in 2013. And Giant’s manager Bruce Bochy wasn’t around to see the late-inning drama after he was thrown out of the game. The final was 6-4, and one partner will be sleeping on the couch.

On that same night, the A’s went very long.  Brandon Moss at the plate in the 19th inning.   Down at one run 6-1, the A’s came back to win 10-8.

Three major league pitchers have struck out 20 batters in a single game.  Roger Clemens has done it twice. The first time on this day in 1986, in Seattle.

And a nearly 37-year institution began on this day in 1961. The first broadcast of ABC’s wide world of sports.