This Day in Sports History: May 31

By this time two years ago, the Warriors and Cavs were very familiar with each other. A fashion statement by Lebron James, an undercut foul by JR Smith on Klay Thompson, and the usual deadly shooting at the Buzzer by Steph Curry. James scored 51 points, but the biggest play was a missed free throw, and Smith’s indecision in the final seconds of regulation. The game went to overtime, and the Warriors won the opener of the series.

On this day in 1983, the Stars were Julius Erving and Moses Malone against Magic Johnson and Kareem Abdul Jabbar. The 76ers finished off a four-game sweep of the Lakers, in the NBA’s last championship series concluded before June.

And Olympic fame would come multiple times in his future, but on this day in 2008, Usain Bolt set a world record in the 100 meter for the first time. Bolt won two gold medals in the Olympics that year, eight in his career.

That’s This Day in Sports History for May 31.