Warriors' merchandise sales soar

OAKLAND (KTVU) -- The Golden State Warriors and player Stephen Curry are setting records on and off the courts as the team’s merchandise sales skyrocket this season.

At Oracle Area on Friday, the team’s merchandise store had extended hours to give fans an opportunity to pose with Curry’s two MVP trophies. The wait was roughly 45 minutes to get into the store to pose with the Curry’s prizes.

The Warriors now lead the NBA in terms of merchandise sales, and the Oakland team has logged a 450 percent increase in sales over last year, when they were also No. 1 in paraphernalia sales.


“The Warriors have gone from a local story to a national story to a global story,” said Jeff Knepp, senior manager of retail operations for the team. “We’re seeing the footprint reach beyond anything national. Our Bay Area team is now a global sensation.”

Sales of team merchandise that is affiliated with Curry, the first unanimous MVP in league history, is also skyrocketing.

Officials said items that celebrate his recent MVP award – his second consecutive honor – have risen 60 percent over last year. And other merchandise related to Curry has risen 130 percent over last season.

The league has reported that online sales have surged 428 percent compared to last season as the Warriors lead the league in online sales and are on pace to set a franchise record.

Kate Tronnes, who lives in Fairfield, said she drove to Oracle Arena because she can easily find better merchandise there.

“They had a lot more specialty merchandise,” she said. “It’s different from the regular Warriors merchandise.”

Knepp said he is pleased with how fans have responded to the team.

“It’s fantastic,” he said. “It’s been an absolute lovefest.”

By KTVU reporter Amber Lee.