White House hosts higher education leadership summit at UCB for AAPI-NHPI

President Biden signed Executive Order 14031 to establish the White House Initiative on Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians, and Pacific Islanders in May 2021. in January 2023 a national strategy was launched. President Biden established an executive order to coordinate all government agencies to advance equity, justice and opportunity for Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders. A daylong conference was held on Tuesday at UC Berkeley hosted by the White House. 

"Kung Fu Day" comes to KTVU

Kung Fu Day in Chinatown is coming back to San Francisco on Saturday, June 3rd. It's a free community event . We previewed some of the performances live on KTVU.

San Jose State Grad recognized for advocacy, opening AAPI Center on campus

Chuang says when she arrived on campus, she realized there was no dedicated space for the Asian American Pacific Islander community. Thirty-four percent of students identify as AAPI, so she and other student advocates worked to open the Center for Asian American Pacific Islander Student Empowerment last year.

'Amber Lee's Chinatown' Part 4: Far East & AA Bakery

As part of our celebration of AAPI Heritage Month, KTVU's Amber Lee shares with us her knowledge of San Francisco Chinatown and the food it offers. Amber tells us her experience was shaped by her parents and long history with that neighborhood. We take a look at two more locations that have to do with celebrations.

'Amber Lee's Chinatown' Part 3: Fresh seafood and cured meats

Part of our weekly mini-series about the wonderful food that our own Amber Lee grew up with in San Francisco Chinatown. This week, Amber looks at two businesses: a restaurant that specializes in fresh seafood and unique dim sum. The other is a 167-year-old shop that makes Chinese sausage and bacon.

Church founded by Japanese immigrants powers on

Wesley United Methodist Church is one of the oldest churches in the South Bay founded by Japanese immigrants. It was established over 125 years ago and is still thriving in San Jose today.