Michelle Obama for president in 2024?

Although Michelle Obama has denied any interest in seeking office, former White House and Pentagon official Douglas MacKinnon said she has the "it" factor that could maybe beat Trump in 2024.

San Francisco D.A. Brooke Jenkins asks for exception to sanctuary city policy

In an unusual move, San Francisco District Attorney Brooke Jenkins is asking for an exception to the city’s sanctuary city policy. She said two suspects in serious crimes that happened in San Francisco have been found living abroad, and the only way to seek justice is to work with feds to get them back here.

Florida lawmakers to meet next week on Disney, immigration

Florida lawmakers will meet next week to complete a state takeover of Walt Disney World’s self-governing district and debate proposals on immigration and election crimes, as Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis continues to leverage national political fissures ahead of an expected White House run.

Freezing nights present great danger to farmworkers

As much as bitter cold weather is bad for plants, it's far worse for humans who are ill-housed or unhoused. Consider the bizarre plight of over some workforce achievers, nonetheless will mostly shiver in the Bay Area tonight.