1st Black woman to play Negro League baseball honored in Google Doodle

Toni Scott is credited with being the first Black woman to play professional baseball in the Negro League. At one time, she played minor league baseball on the San Francisco Sea Lions, a white team. Today, she is featured in the Google Doodle. Monique Wray, a San Francisco illustrator who drew the doodle, talks to KTVU about Stone.

Oaktown Jazz Workshops

Oaktown Jazz Workshops is a non-profit, community-based, cultural education organization dedicated to passing on the tradition of jazz music to young people through music instruction, educational presentations and live concerts. KTVU's Sal Castaneda talks with a member of the organization to learn more.

Banksy art exhibit in San Francisco

Banksy, an artist known for his street art, is being celebrated at San Francisco's Palace of Fine Arts with an exhibition that has its public opening Monday. Vicente Fusco, co-producer of the “Unauthorized” Banksy Exhibit, explains.