Mountain lion spotted in Livermore neighborhood

Home surveillance video shows a mountain lion walking across the front lawn of a home in Livermore Sunday. Experts said the animal is a juvenile male, likely looking for food and to establish its own territory. They said sighting in the East Bay are rare.

Bay Area Dungeness crab fleet could fade away

California’s commercial Dungeness crab fleet is finally selling its catch to consumers, albeit three-months late. This comes well after the peak holiday buying season has come and gone.  

Scientists are hunting urchins to save California's crucial underwater forests

Scientists are in a race right now to save underwater kelp forests along much of the California Coastline that are being devoured by a species of sea urchin. Researchers say the bull kelp forests play an important role in the region's underwater ecosystem and the survival of area fish and wildlife.

Dungeness crab season on hold again, fishermen losing out big

A high number of migrating humpback whales and a recently confirmed leatherback sea turtle, the largest turtle in the world, being caught in Dungeness crab fishing gear, according to the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, has caused the state to prevent crab traps from being used once again.