Arriving late to parties?

Are you on time, or fashionably late to parties? Hear what our panel has to say about arriving late to parties.

Room temperature water?

How cold do like your water? hear why one of anchors likes it room temperature and why another likes it the complete opposite!

Annoyances on the plane

Common annoyances on the plane. Like it not people taking their shoes and socks off on a plane. Or putting your feet up on a plane. Hear their reactions.

Replacing the lead singer of a band?

Several bands and music groups have had to replace their lead singers for one reason or another. What do you think about that? Is it okay to give the new singer a chance? Or when the singer goes, should the band call it quits?

Okay to use someone else's products?

Should houseguests feel entitled to use whatever toiletries they find in their host's bathroom? Should visitors bring their own shampoo, conditioner and other products? Where do you draw the line?

Talking to your seatmate on planes?

When it comes to etiquette on planes, what do you think about talking to your neighbors? Should you acknowledge your seatmate or just go on about your business?