Mudslide threatens 30 homes in Woodside

More than two-dozen homeowners in Woodside remain under an evacuation recommendation. This, after concerns of a mudslide impacting a road, could next threaten area homes.

The water is higher than we need and the snowpack threatens

The San Joaquin County Sheriff's Office issued evacuation orders for two neighborhoods in Manteca and Lathrop. Many folks saw no reason to leave since this is an expected event every five to seven years. But with the melting snowpack, a new threat looms.

Death toll rises to 8 from new Turkey-Syria earthquake

Turkish officials urged people not to enter the remains of their homes, as some have done so to gather their belongings. Officials said three people killed Monday were inside a damaged building when the new earthquake hit.

Bay Area people on the ground in Turkey helping quake victims

Two Bay Area individuals are using their skills to help with disaster relief in Turkey. One is already on the ground in Turkey and the other leaves Friday morning. They shared their perspective about the situation there and show how they're going to help victims.

Turkey earthquake: Why it was so destructive and deadly

While new buildings in cities like Istanbul, Turkey were designed with modern earthquake standards in mind, the area of southern Turkey where a 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck on Monday had not been seismically retrofitted.