Stephen Curry wins Oscar for ‘Queen of Basketball’ documentary

Stephen Curry can now add an Oscar statue to his trophy case full of NBA accolades. The Golden State point guard was among the executive producers and top promoters of the film "The Queen of Basketball," which took home the Oscar for the best short subject documentary at the award ceremony in Los Angeles on Sunday. 

Rosie the Riveter museum in Richmond gets a visit from U.S. Department of Labor

Now in their 90s, some of the original Rosie the Riveters are still fighting for gender equality. The Rosie symbol became a media icon when millions of women stepped into jobs at factories and shipyards during World War II. On this Rosie the Riveter Day, we spoke to two original Rosies on their legacy and continuing efforts for equity in the workplace.

Fight continues to close gender pay gap

March 15 marks Equal Pay Day in the United States--symbolizing how far into the new year the average woman must work to match the salary for the average man in the previous year. The American Association of University Women and the California Women's Law Center are just two of the groups trying to close the pay gap and move towards true gender equity.

Bay Area nonprofit helping girls break barriers

March 8 marks International Women's Day, a time to honor the achievements of women and a call to action to push for gender equality. In this segment, we speak to Cynthia Nimmo, the interim executive director of the Bay Area's "Alliance for Girls," a non-profit focused on empowering girls and breaking down barriers.

Women's History Month: Creator of "The Fresh Dolls"

Sal Castaneda catches up with Dr. Lisa Williams, the creator of "The Fresh Dolls" to discuss how she's empowering women and girls to embrace different ethnicities, and encouraging female entrepreneurs to reach their goals.

Giving Day: Techbridge Girls

KTVU is recognizing the work of Oakland-based Techbridge Girls, which helps create opportunities in science, technology and other related fields for girls and non-binary young people, especially those who are Black or from another community of color.