Women's History Month: Creator of "The Fresh Dolls"

Sal Castaneda catches up with Dr. Lisa Williams, the creator of "The Fresh Dolls" to discuss how she's empowering women and girls to embrace different ethnicities, and encouraging female entrepreneurs to reach their goals.

Giving Day: Techbridge Girls

KTVU is recognizing the work of Oakland-based Techbridge Girls, which helps create opportunities in science, technology and other related fields for girls and non-binary young people, especially those who are Black or from another community of color.

Giving Day: About Face

About Face is a nonprofit in the Bay Area that helps teen girls and non-binary youth confront and decode messages in the mass media that create toxic stereotypes and perpetuate forms of gender bias. Find out more about the group's work.

Giving Day: Bay Area Girls Club

The Bay Area Girls Club helps girls avoid the risks of dropping out of school, getting involved with gangs, becoming pregnant and other challenges they say are common in urban communities in the Bay Area.