Wet week ahead with tempest trouble on Tuesday

It's been a very wet winter so far, and it's only getting wetter. The upcoming forecast for the week of March 12 has all the Bay Area winter classics: wet, windy, and a whole lot of rain with another atmospheric river.

KTVU meteorologist Rosemary Orozco says the Bay Area and surrounding places will experience a "dumping" next week of rain, but not every single day. 

The next few days will have cloudy skies and the possibility of off-and-on scattered showers, Wednesday and Thursday are expected to be drier.

Sunday and Monday, there will be "time to enjoy" but it's best to keep rain gear ready as the rains come and goes. 

Rain on Sunday will start as early as 6-7 a.m. Come Monday evening; however, the newest atmospheric river will be forming over the Pacific Ocean and making landfall over the Bay Area by Tuesday. 

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There will also be flood watches and high wind warnings expected from Monday night to early Wednesday. 

KTVU meteorologist Mark Tamayo projects the Bay Area will get between 2–5 inches of rainfall and wind speeds as high as 50 mph, which will likely knock down trees and potentially power lines Monday from about 10 p.m. to Wednesday morning at 4 a.m.

Additionally, areas in Northern California such as the Sierra are expected to experience between 3–4 feet of snow also on Tuesday. 

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Truckee and mountain towns nearby are expected to see between 1–2 feet of snow starting Sunday night. 

It's not all just wet weather though: Sunday and Monday will break into the low 60s for the high temperatures, and Wednesday and Thursday are expected to be much drier than the previous days.