Foodie Fast Five with Mike Mibach

Foodie Fast 5 Q&A with Mike Mibach

What’s your favorite go-to comfort food?
Spaghetti, meat sauce, and Turkey meatballs…maybe a couple slices of French bread…side of Caesar (salad). This was one of my favorites growing up and now it’s great to sit around the table and see my children love it too.

What’s your favorite dessert?
Chocolate chip ice cream with a little chocolate sauce. Why? It’s just a classic that’s amazing all year long! "It’s It" ice cream sandwich comes in 2nd.

Potato chips or Corn chips?
Potato chips. Corn chips leave a bad taste in my mouth

What person/chef inspires you?
My wife is an amazing chef! She has introduced me to so many different styles and flavors. I love her passion and creativity…and she does it all after a long day at work. My children and I are very blessed to have the best chef in town!

What’s your most memorable food-related experience?
Every time I eat at the House of Prime Rib in San Francisco, it’s memorable!!