10 years after she goes missing, lost cat is reunited with her owner

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Ten years after his cat went missing, a Bay Area man received a call this month that led to a reunion he thought would never happen.

"He couldn't believe it was her," says Jenny Thornburg with Contra Costa County Animal Services.

The pet owner was reunited with his cat Shadow on Jan. 19, a day after the very scared 12-year-old animal came into the shelter as a stray. 

Animal care officials examined the cat, found it was microchipped, and immediately contacted the owner.

It's unclear where the cat had been. 

Contra Costa County Animal Services says Shadow was adopted from its Martinez shelter back in 2007 as a kitten.

Shadow's owner had the cat for about two years before she went missing. 

It's unclear where she had been. 

Officials say Shadow's reunion with her family is another example why pet owners should microchip their animals.

They also say this story and its happy ending is a great reminder of why people should always consider a stray animal could very likely be someone's lost animal. 

If you come across a dog or cat that appears to be a stray, Contra Costa County animal care officials urge you to contact them.

Officials say you could play a key role in bringing a lost pet home.

You can find more information on how to report a found animal here