12 treated after pepper spray believed to go off in H.S. biology class

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Several students are being treated after what was initially thought to be a hazmat incident at Oak Grove High School in San Jose turned out to be pepper spray. Some students were seen taken into ambulances while others were being decontaminated outside.

12 people complained of respiratory problems and six of those patients were taken to the hospital according to a spokesman with the San Jose Fire Department. 

East Side Union High School District issued a statement Wednesday evening saying symptoms included teary eyes, itchiness and one student who was transported to the hospital experienced tightness of breath.  

The district said the incident stemmed from a 7th period biology class where the substance was released. People in the classroom noticed the smell. 

It was initially thought to be a gas leak, but school officials said that was not the case. 

The superintendent wrote that all parents and guardians have been contacted and will pick up their students.  Fire officials are asking others who were in the classroom but who have gone home to shower and wash their clothes and if they feel sick to call 911.