$17 pit bull adoptions at Oakland animal shelter


OAKLAND (BCN)— Pit bulls are getting treated to some good luck this month as the East Bay Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals announced Monday that they have reduced fees for anyone who adopts a pit bull or pit bull mix over the next few weeks.
Between now and March 26, adoption fees for the dog breed have been reduced to just $17 as part of their "Saint Pittie's Day" promotion, SPCA officials said.
Pit bulls are often overlooked as adoptable pets because they have received a reputation as being fierce and unfriendly.
According to the SPCA, that reputation has resulted in pit bulls being left lingering at local animal shelters longer than other breeds.
"We see the breed often in popular media, and they represent a sizeable portion of dogs coming in to animal shelters nationwide and a quarter of the dogs who come to our shelters," East Bay SPCA president and
CEO Allison Lindquist said in a statement.
"The more we can dispel myths about behavior of the breed vs. poor ownership practices, the more likely these dogs won't languish in shelters with longer stays than other breeds," Lindquist said.
All dogs adopted from the East Bay SPCA will go home spayed or neutered, vaccinated, and will be administered a microchip.
In addition to the pit bull promotion, adopters can get $45 off any five-week training class if they sign up for the class the same day they adopt.
The East Bay SPCA also sponsors a year-round free spay and neuter program for pit bulls in both Alameda and Contra Costa counties. To make an appointment for the spay and neuter program, pit bull owners can call (510) 639-7387.
"Although pit bull puppies are some of the cutest dogs around, they need to be spayed or neutered, have regular veterinarian checkups and attend behavior and training classes like other breeds," Lindquist said.
"The more we can do to encourage responsible pet ownership practices among all breeds, the less likely one breed will be over bred and stigmatized to become less adoptable," she said.
Adoptions can be made in person at the East Bay SPCA's two adoption centers, located in Oakland and Dublin.
More information about animal adoptions can be found at www.eastbayspca.org.