2 arrested in San Francisco carjacking, wild crash

Two people were arrested in connection with a wild crash in San Francisco involving a stolen vehicle that careened down a staircase and landed upside down.

Kevin Nelson, 36, and Jennifer Bonham, 31, were taken into custody Tuesday for their involvement in the chaotic crash in the Castro district that started as a carjacking, according to the San Francisco Police Department.

Authorities said Nelson and Bonham allegedly stole a vehicle on Saturday in the area of 19th and Dolores streets. The victim, a man, told police that unknown suspects approached him while he was seated in his car and stole his car. 


Video: Car lands upside down after crashing through San Francisco barrier

Videos show a car crashed through a dead-end barrier on a San Francisco street, plummeting over a steep hill to the road below and landing on its roof.

Shortly after the carjacking, the stolen vehicle smashed through a barrier on a dead-end street, flipping as it plummeted down a steep hill and staircase, eventually landing on its hood on Sanchez Street.

Following the crash, several occupants emerged from the wreckage and were spotted fleeing up the Sanchez Stairs before emergency responders arrived at the scene.

The falling car tore apart a tree, where pedestrians had been crossing moments before.

Initially, law enforcement stated that they were searching for five people in connection with the carjacking and crash. However, after the arrests of Nelson and Bonham on Tuesday, police did not say anything about the search for others involved in the events.