New images from aftermath of wild SF crash

A witness shared this photo of the aftermath of a crash in which a possibly stolen car flipped and landed on its roof after crashing down a steep hill in San Francisco. Photo: Eric Mayfield (KTVU FOX 2)

More images have emerged from the crash of an allegedly stolen car landing upside down after crashing down a staircase.

A man has reportedly told police he was carjacked a few blocks from where the car smashed through the barrier on a dead-end street and flipped as it tumbled down a steep hill and staircase to Sanchez Street in the Castro on Saturday evening.

A witness shared a photo of three people near the car moments after it plummeted.

Witnesses had previously told KTVU that the incident began with a carjacking.

San Francisco police confirmed Tuesday they are currently searching for five people (three of which are pictured above) in connection with the suspected carjacking.

Several people emerged from the crash and could be seen running up the Sanchez Stairs before first responders arrived.

The falling car tore apart a tree and made its massive impact where moments before there had been pedestrians crossing the street.