2 children rescued from carjacking on Christmas Day in Mountain View, man arrested

Mountain View police arrested a man for stealing a car that contained two children inside on Christmas Day.

Francisco Reynoso, 28, allegedly stole a Toyota sedan around 7:30 p.m. with the 13-year-old and 7-year-old girls in the vehicle. He has since been charged with multiple felonies, including felony child endangerment, kidnappings, and carjacking.

When Reynoso stole the vehicle, the mother was inside a grocery store on Dana and Castro Street when she entered to "quickly grab food," officials said.

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Police said the girls were screaming when Reynoso stole the vehicle. Reynoso is also believed to have been inside the same grocery store the mother was shopping in before the theft.

After the mother altered authorities, a "high-risk car stop" in Palo Alto on Wilton Avenue and Orinda Street. Police arrested Reynoso without incident. No injuries were reported. 

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Upon arrest, Reynoso also had several outstanding warrants.

"I am very proud of the quick work of our dispatchers and our patrol teams last night, and I am grateful no one was hurt in this inci

dent," said Captain Scott Nelson. "Kudos to all who helped peacefully resolve this scary situation so quickly."

Reynoso is being held on a $480,000 bond in the Santa Clara County Jail. He has court dates on Wednesday and Thursday.