2 shot in Oakland, 1 dead

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Oakland Police Department says at least one person is dead after an afternoon shooting Wednesday at 45th and Market streets. 

Police say they received the call regarding the shooting at 12:56 p.m. 

One of the two victims was able to walk to the nearby Children's Hospital and had a gunshot wound, according to police. 

Tammara Mercer, a neighbor, said there was just shots fired the day before at the same corner around 4 p.m. She says the corner is not usually so bad, but wishes police would be more vigilant and protect people who live in the area. 

Another neighbor said he heard gunshots Wednesday from inside his house on 45th. 

A source tells KTVU the victims in the shooting were in a dark SUV with three or four "guys" inside and that the shots came from a four-door sedan. 

This incident is under investigation.