2 suspects with 'extensive' criminal histories arrested in San Lorenzo attempted bank robbery, hit-and-run

Two suspects were arrested after they allegedly attempted to rob a bank and hit an uninvolved juvenile crossing the street. 

Kevin Perry, 21, and 21-year-old Dewey Nguyen were arrested and charged with felony hit-and-run of a juvenile and attempted robbery after they entered a Citibank at 429 Paseo Grande in San Lorenzo and demanded $20,000 from the teller. 

After escaping empty-handed, the pair led police on a chase before they hit a 15-year-old at the intersection of Via Cordoba and Via Granada just before 4 p.m. Monday.

After the child was struck, police called off the chase to tend to the child, who is expected to be okay. School had just finished at San Lorenzo High School where the student and others were leaving before the incident.


Deputies call off pursuit in San Lorenzo after child struck by suspect's car, officials say

A child was hit by a suspect vehicle in San Lorenzo on Monday afternoon, but is expected to be OK, according to authorities.

Officials said the suspects tried to flee on foot before surrendering. During their arrests, the suspects were also wearing clothing that matched the ones worn during the attempted robbery, according to police.

Officials said both suspects had criminal histories, with Perry being a parolee with a history including home invasion robbery and attempted escape at the Eden Township Substation when he tried to "hoist himself into a crawl space above an interview room."

Nguyen was on probation for robbery. 

Officials said they tracked the pair to a home in Alameda where they found a stolen Lexus and the suspect vehicle.