2 weeks in to presidency, Trump supporters rate performance

It has now been 14 days since President Donald Trump's inauguration, a whirlwind of executive orders, cabinet picks, and almost constant controversy.

We spoke with two Bay Area supporters of President Trump about how they feel he is doing.

Among those in the crowd when President Trump took the oath of office was Alameda County Sheriff's Lt. Rick Carter.

"It was one of the most amazing things I ever took part in," said Carter.

Now, in the early days of the the Trump presidency, Carter says so far, so good.

"He is doing a great job. He is accountable to his constituents. He is accountable to the people who voted for him," Carter said.

The same is true for former Marine Sgt. Michael L. Emerson of Hayward who also attended the inauguration.

"He seems to be doing what he promised. A lot of people aren't happy about it. But he is fulfilling most of the promises he made during the campaign, which in my opinion, isn't normal."

Carter says he's impressed with President Trump's cabinet picks.

He also says he supports the controversial temporary immigration ban which drew huge protests at SFO and other major airports around the country.  

"It is unfortunate people were affected by it negatively. Nobody wants that. But i like that his first thought is i have to do things that are best for our country," said Carter.

"He's closing our borders to people who support or train terrorists.

Emerson, has a Trump flag flying outside his home and medals and flags displayed on the walls of his home.

He defends the President's often abrasive style.

"He's not polished but I don't understand why that matters. To me it is about what is going to happen," Emerson said.

"Could he be more diplomatic in the way he says things? Of course he can," said Carter. "i don't know if he wants to. But at the same time he is effective."  

For those who are uneasy or even fearful of what President Trump has done or may do in the future, supporters simply say give him a chance. And see how it all plays out.