Pismo Beach 'tree house' listed on Zillow goes viral

A $3.8 million "tree house" in Pismo Beach that was listed on Zillow last month has now gone viral. 

The listing was featured on a popular twitter account, Zillow Gone Wild. "Here’s the most literal tree house we’ve ever seen," read the tweet

The tweet did not exaggerate. The house was specifically built around an oak tree. Oak branches can be seen stretching through several walls and floors. 

The "tree house" is one of the five dwelling units on the 6.69 acres property, according to the listing on Zillow. The property has a total of 9 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms. It also has a "large museum" and a "60 foot deep man-made cave". 

The house was built in the 1960s by Dick Skeen and was reportedly held by the same family for decades until now, according to SF Gate. 

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The unique structure also comes with its unique problems. The house's former resident, photographer Christopher Petro, told SF Gate some of the "major hazards" he had to face while living on the property. 

The oak tree in the middle of the house attracted many bugs and rodents. 

"There was an ungodly number of roly-polies. Hundreds and hundreds of them," Petro told SF Gate. 

Petro also recalled a fateful evening when a 100-foot-tall sugar pine tree fell and almost hit his car and the house during a windstorm. 

Despite all the natural hazards that come with living in this house, Petro did not regret his time there. He had fond memories of hosting murder mystery nights and entertaining guests, according to SF Gate.