3 men arrested, accused of stealing cars at South Bay gyms

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SAN JOSE, Calif. (KTVU) - Police in the South Bay have caught a group of car thieves targeting people who are working out in gyms.

In the past month, investigators say a crew of burglars were staking out parking lots and got away with six cars.

One of the cars was stolen from the South Valley YMCA on Santa Teresa Boulevard. Some members say the crime has trickled into the neighborhood.

Police say one thief distracted a front desk employee while the other went into the restroom. Moments later, a member reported her car was stolen.

The regional auto theft task force noticed a pattern of thefts at gyms in south San Jose and one in north San Jose.

They realized the thieves were stealing car keys after breaking into gym lockers.

Surveillance cameras from the YMCA captured images of the suspects.

Three men were arrested for all the auto burglaries as well as one residential burglary.

The men were identified as Colby Worsham, Anthony Robert, and Richard Higgerson. They are all 24 years old.

Authorities were able to recover five vehicles they allegedly stole.