3 Oakland students invited to Warriors game

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The Golden State Warriors are looking to make history tonight in the last home game of the season. They're trying to set a new record as the first NBA team to win 73 games in one season.

Tonight's game is the most coveted ticket in town, and three Oakland students have been hand-picked by Warriors star Draymond Green to attend.

Joseph Martin is a Junior at Coliseum College Prep Academy. He grew up in a refugee camp in Liberia and relocated to the United States with his 7 siblings. He plays point guard and has the highest GPA on his school's basketball team.

Dyllon Louis has a 3.73 GPA at McClymonds High School. He survived Hurricane Katrina and relocated to Oakland after his family lost everything in the disaster. 

Travon Hadnot was raised in a single parent household and struggled early in his educational career, but after transitioning to Dewey Academy he's turned things around and is on the path to graduation.

The students will all sit together at tonight's game accompanied by a chaperone.