3 trapped kittens rescued from construction vehicle in Redwood City

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It took nearly an hour, but the payoff was adorable when three, three, three-week-old kittens were rescued from a boom lift in Redwood City on Monday. 

Peninsula Humane Society and Animal Rescue and Control officers cooperated for the unusual rescue and had to use a portable inspection camera and a modified bird net to make the rescue. 

A boom lift is a vehicle with a telescopic basket on the end used to hoist workers into the air to do maintenance or construction work. The kittens could only be heard crying and were trapped inside the axle of the vehicle. 

The kittens' mother was nowhere to be found, but fortunately they were in good condition other than being dehydrated.

The kittens, named John, Wendy and Peter by Peninsula Humane Society/SPCA were taken to the organization's Kitten Nursery in Burlingame for a veterinary checkup and treatment. The vet said they may have been trapped in the boom lift for days. 

The inspection camera had been purchased by the PHS/SPCA for instances where animals got stuck in walls, pipes or in car engines. According to the organization the lives of 10 animals including the three kittens were saved because of the equipment. 

As for Peter, John and Wendy, they will be put up for adoption once they reach two pounds.