40 great white sharks circle popular beach, kayaker in Aptos

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About 40 great whites circled the waters near a popular Aptos beach over the weekend and the scene was captured on video by a marine biologist who documented the sharks coming within feet of a kayaker, as well as the nearby shoreline. 

Giancarlo  Thomae of Sanctuary Cruises captured the startling video off Seacliff State Beach and posted it to Facebook on Friday.

VIDEO: 40 great white sharks circle Aptos beach

 Thomae said he counted about 40 great whites approximately 30 yards from the shore.  On his Facebook page, he called the sharks, “one of the most fearsome and greatly misunderstood animals in the ocean.” 

Thomae wasn't immediately available on Monday to describe the scene, but at least from the video, no one appears hurt. In fact, Nicolle Ottman appears calm and relaxed as the dark shadows underneath her swim passed her blue kayak.