49ers playoff game offers boost to Bay Area businesses

Playoff football has given Bay Area businesses a boom. 

San Francisco 49ers fans weren't the only ones cheering on the arrival of Sunday's NFC Championship games. 

A number of bars, restaurants and other Bay Area businesses said they were looking forward to a boost to their bottom lines from the big game. 

At the Crossing at East Cut in San Francisco, the site of a 49ers official watch party, Ivania Bermudez, the owner of The Balloon Boss, and her team were busy installing an elaborate balloon display ahead of game time.

"It was a last-minute order, but you got to roll with it right," Bermudez said. 

Bermudez's display of red and gold balloons took two days to put together. The lifelong Niners fan was excited to show off her skills to fellow faithful.

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"It makes it just that more exciting when you’re from the Bay Area and everybody’s just cheering on," Bermudez said.

Meantime, the owner of the Greyhound bar, located in a former shipping container on the plaza, was double-checking his stock. 

"I’m very excited. Today is a very big day for the Greyhound," said Justin, a co-owner of the Greyhound.

The bar owner said that his business is still finding its footing after launching amid the pandemic.    

"It was hard getting off the ground. Especially when not too many people were back at work yet," Justin said. "But we’re making it work week to week, and we’re trying to make it someplace that people will remember to come to."

During the last 49ers watch party at the Crossing at East Cut, the bar owner said hundreds flocked to the plaza to see the game.

"It was a ton of fun. Probably upwards of 500 people, and it's looking like there's going to be more this time," Justin said. "The atmosphere that the fans bring is so electric, it's a great time."