4th suspect in Novato student's murder accused of using machete

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Three young men from Marin County accused of killing a Novato High School student last week, appeared in court for the first time Wednesday. 

Four young men are charged in connection with the killing, but one remains on the run.

The defendants are charged with a vicious attack on two Novato High School students. They were shot and even cut with a machete. 

One of the victims died, while the other survived. 

17-year-old Juan Carlos Henriquez, and 16-year-old Edwin Guevara are facing charges of first degree murder and attempted murder.

20-year-old Elmer Machado-Rivera is charged as an accessory after the crime. 

The two teenager victims were shot and attacked with a machete along a hiking trail. 

Because of the brutal nature of the crime, the district attorney has charged the underage defendants as adults. 

As far as a motive, investigators are looking at the possibility the attack was in retaliation for a sexual assault that happened a week earlier. 

17-year-old Novato High student Edwin Guerra was found dead along the trail.

Llefferson Diaz, also a Novato High student, was badly hurt but was able to call for help. 

At the same time, the sheriff's office is continuing to search for another teen charged with taking part in this attack. 19-year-old Javier Guevara is still on the run. He's accused of using a machete during this crime. 

Marin County Sheriff's Office tweeted Guevara is a known MS-13 gang member. 

The three defendants, already in custody, did not enter pleas Wednesday. They are due back in court next Wednesday.