6 months later, Reggina Jefferies' murder remains unsolved

It's been nearly six months since Reggina Jefferies was shot and killed in Oakland.

"Some days I wake up angry, angry, real angry because I just want to know who raise that type of person to just shoot at a crowd," says Wilson.  She's talking about a day that she'll never forget.  June 14, 2016, her daughter Reggina was in a crowd of people in downtown Oakland, when she was struck by a stray bullet that which ended Reggina's life.

"They're just out there still on the street and it’s not right, because I suffer every day. I deserve justice for my baby she was an innocent bystander." says Wilson.

Earlier that day Reggina performed a praise and worship dance at the funeral of two of her friends.  Wilson recorded that performance on video and it was the last time Reggina danced, a true passion of hers which led Wilson to open a dance studio in Reggina's honor. 

"I gave myself six months and I did it within two and a half months but I didn't want no grand opening until my daughters 17th birthday," says Wilson. That day is December 1st to celebrate Wilson threw her daughter a party. Friends and family turned out to honor the Reggina, who Wilson called her dancing angel. "She will always be remembered as long as I'm still standing her name will never go in vain," says Wilson. 

For now Oakland police say Reggina's homicide is an open case still under investigation.  Officers say with so many people around someone saw something so they and Wilson just hope that a witness will come forward to help get the person responsible off the streets.   "I pray every day that I just get a phone call saying we have this person in custody everyday there's not a day that goes by.  I just want justice," says Wilson. 

Reggina's Dancing Angels team will take part in their first competition on Saturday.